Lions and Angels at Work

So for the past couple months I’ve been doing a study on the Book of Daniel with Kross (who is pretty auesome) and a few other seniors and honestly when we started the bible study I was wondering how, a guy who was captured from his homeland and taken to work for a king, then was able to interpret the kings dreams b/c of God’s intervention, then when the king forgot all that God did for him and constructed idols and Daniel didn’t bow down to the idols he punished Daniel by throwing him to the Lions had anything to do with me and the way I live my life going to work everyday. But come to find out the Book of Daniel has alot of lessons to learn.  Daniel was a wild ministry success in a secular environment in Babylon it was highly unlikely there were other jews other than his three friends.

  • We walk with God b/c he is worthy of our lives and we were made for Him
  • God is a God of relationships,  we were made in his image so we pursue relationships… Think long term
  • We work hard b/c all work had dignity and was part of the created order before the fall.. work “unto the Lord
  • Plead to God for Mercy and ask for his help
  • Pursue excellence in all your responsibilities
  • Lots of Patience

The book we used was Cru 2 alumni network : In transition and the book of Daniel from the Bible.

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