Learning through life…

Everyone has a purpose. To glorify their creator and God uses different jobs to helps us obtain skills to help us further his kingdom and bring him glory. Whether or not you enjoy the job you are currently employed you were put there for a purpose to learn a new skill, to be a witness for christ, encourage co-workers, or help build character and people skills.  In my life I’ve worked as a Babysitter and learned that working with kids require alot of Patience. When I worked in Heartland Bread I learned about what it takes to run a business, the different types of bread and customer service skills and was probably one of my favorite jobs. Aquatics Adventures I now have the skills to teach anyone to swim, treading water became easier as well as floating. Belk, learned organization helps with some things and folding clothes.  SPEV variety in jobs gave me an eye for beauty. Camp caroline furnace- patience, trusting god, true friends. EHALL production, efficiency, sanitation, co-worker drama is everywhere, patience, trusting God.

I am currently working at the Fresh market in the bakery and it is not all what I thought it would be I bag bread for 5hrs everyday I go to work so again we are looking forward to what God has in store.

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