Walk the Line

Alright it’s been a little while since I’ve posted but I’ve got a good bit to add and I don’t know where to start… this is basically a Highschool Fall retreat recap!!

So after the middle school fall retreat where I wasn’t quite so sure what I was getting myself into however Highschool students are a totally different animal 😛 (I love them don’t get me wrong) So again I was in  the position where i wasn’t sure what was going to happen b/c jarred doesn’t give heads up on youth trips.  So all I know is that I’m going into an auesome weekend with twice as many kids as the middleschool retreat with less leaders… and God was going to do something auesome my reaction= sweet Bring It ON!!! I get there and there were 24 guys and 9 girls plus leaders it was crazy skewed numbers!! But I thought it was so great to see all the guy leaders in the youth group stepping up.

The next day we get to do the High ropes course which was amazing it tested balance, coordination and your ability to trust others also if you had a fear of heights you had to overcome that pretty quickly 😛 we also did team building activities which testing problem solving techniques and our group solved them quickly and efficiently.  btw for all those wondering I did the high ropes course with my vibrine five finger toe shoes and they worked great b/c I could safely feel the wire beneath my foot and it caused me to have better balance than a regular shoe. (in my opinion) In the evening we had a campfire at the coolest bonfire pit I have ever seen it almost looked like you could offer sacrifices at it with a stone seat encircling the fire  and a stone chair for the king story teller it was pretty sweet!

But the best part of the whole weekend wasn’t the rock, paper, scissors game or the noodle game but it was the holy spirit working through Johnathan as he gave his talks and Whitney as she led worship. Johnathan talked about Escaping again but what really hit home this time for me was Romans 7:15-23 Never underestimate the power of sin! Rely on Christ and trust him instead of relying on our own strength and power!  and we need to realize that everyone is serving someone whether it be God or sin. As Christians we aren’t immune to sin bur we aren’t bound to it any longer b/c Christ has set us free! The last night of the weekend (sat) two guys decided to give their lives to the Lord and alot of other people decided to work through other stuff that was going on in their lives. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. How many angels were rejoicing that night!

Johnathan gave us a challenge when we leave the retreat and go back to our normal routines are we going to act the same, stand out as a Christian or Walk the Line?

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