Playing for Keeps

“Playing for Keeps” – If you are playing for keeps, you take things very seriously and the outcome is very important to you; it is not a mere game.

I have been accused many times whether I’m playing sports or a board game that I take things too seriously so I’ve adopted this phrase “playing for keeps” and it makes everything alright but one thing I’ve noticed in our society is that the one area in our lives that is the most important to play for keeps and get it right the first time is Dating/Marriage.  We as a society don’t seem to care if we go through 5 dating relationships in Highschool then 5 more in college then maybe a few more after we graduate before we meet the ONE we consider it more “practice” and they should consider us well seasoned and a better person for it. I’m looking at that statement and thinking wow.  if you even know the emotional strain that goes on after a break up and want to go through that 12 times be my guest.  I dated one guy and once is more than enough thank you very much.  It was a great experience b/c we were both in the center of God’s will until God told us that being in that relationship wasn’t what he had for us anymore.  But even then I still could say I played for keeps if that was what God had for me, I wasn’t in the mindset that it was just warm up for something better.

But How much greater would it be to save all those special moments you had with “X” amount of people before you got married and only date 1 person? the one person you are going to marry. Sure it’s a learning process and it takes prayer but it’s worth it.  So next time you think about dating someone think are they someone I would consider marrying? and pray about it? b/c if not then it’s not worth the heartache involved and it’s not fair to your future spouse who might be counting on you to play for keeps. 🙂

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