Under Fire

Changing topics a little bit…In my culinary class for one of my midterm practicals we got to participate in a mystery box cooking team challenge. This challenge is similar to cooking competitions you might see on TV. The challenge goes as follows:  you have a team of 4 people and you were given a box of ingredients to create a menu consisting of 1 appetizer,  soup, salad, and entree and you could get extra credit if you made a dessert. 🙂 You then had 2 hours and 20min to create this auesome meal.  So we get into the kitchen and we get our mystery box and we can have 30min to look at the box and create our menu and plan but we can’t start cooking/chopping ect. until we turn the menu into the chef. And all the stuff in the box we decide not to use we have to turn back to him as well and we can’t get back and likewise if we kept something and don’t use it we get penalized as well so planning well is key.

My team opens the box and we find: Pork, Duck, Living lettuce, (as opposed to dead lettace :-P, but really it had the roots attached) an orange, a couple peaches, dried cranberries, dried apples, basmatti rice, butternut squash, nuts, red/yellow/orange peppers,  And we using those ingredients we made stuffed peppers for the appetizer, duck salad using the living lettuce, duck, dried fruit and nuts and I made a orange balsamic honey vinaigrette for our salad, butternut squash soup, we made a marinade for the pork and grilled it for the entree’ and then we made peach cobbler for dessert 🙂

In my other class “Fruits, Veggies, starches” my professor has introduced us to a wide variety of fruits and veggies some to which I have never heard of. This past week we worked with Cactus making it into a salsa, it tasted kinda slimy and I came to the conclusion that it’s best to use as aloe or to stay in the dessert where the plant belongs. Another odd fruit is the blood orange which is orange on the outside but red on the inside still tastes like an orange though. A positive experience from that class is making pasta especially ravioli 🙂 best thing in the world 🙂 But yea those are my experiences thus far I’m signing up for classes tonight/tomorrow and am planning on committing suicide to graduate a semester early (counterproductive huh?) by taking 6 classes next semester j/k it won’t be that bad I’ll have fridays off.  Next semester I plan on taking baking, garde manger, international cuisine, food purchasing,” soup, stock, sauces,”and menu planning. So yea Good luck to all those taking signing up for classes it is stressful but you’ll get through it 🙂

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