I’ve been reading this book with my bible study that I’m in, I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before, called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and he talks about being completly overwhelmed by God’s relentless love even when we screw up every day we try to be perfect but it’s impossible b/c of our sin nature. One chapter that has really stuck out to me has been on Obsession.

By definition Obesessed means to have your mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic. Francis Chan talks about being so in love with God that you become obsessed even, that it causes a lifestyle¬† change. For me it has caused me to not necesarily reevaluate the music I listen to but take seriously what my standards really are and why they are what they are. My brother even told me I was “obsessed with not listening to worldly music” and doesn’t understand what is so bad about it. he says “you’re living in a bubble you can’t be protected all the time.”

Though some people may think of obsession in a negative light I disagree. I feel as though God has called us as believers to a higher standard. We should look, and act different than the world around us. Crazy Love lists characteristics of people who are obsessed: 1. They give freely and love those who hate me. 2. They are concerned about God’s kingdome more than about there safety or themselves. 3. they would rather follow God’s law than society’s status quo. 4. They seek to make Christ known and do it in a humble way. 5. they connect with the poor. 6. they consider service a joy and not a burden. 7. they are aware of the poor around the world and are known as givers not takers. 8. they constantly have heaven on their mind. 9. they have a passionate love reserved only for God. 10. They realize that joy doesn’t depend on circumstances but it comes from God and must be chosen daily.

One thing I hope people would come to find that it’s not what you’re obsessing over it’s what’s motivating you? what’s driving you to live your life? will changing your lifestyle effect you that much? Maybe…but it could leave a lasting impact on the life of someone else. And God’s in the business of Changing lives i’m ready to join him.

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