If Only…

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I went a different way at a crossroads. If my life was different some of the decisions that I thought would be bad actually turned out for my good. For example I didn’t know where I wanted to go to college but JMU was where my boyfriend went and it had my major so I went there. Maybe if I went to a different school we would have stayed together but now I know that wouldn’t have been the right thing. Maybe I went to JMU for the wrong reasons and picked psyc b/c it was my dad’s major not b/c I was good at it or b/c I really enjoyed it. If only I lived in a dorm I could have had more friends. If only I live in a city with great public transportation or could drive or didn’t have epilepsy. sometimes it’s hard to look toward the future when you’re weighted down by the past. Although sometimes wishing for the future can be just as hard I have my dreams that can,on some days, threaten to cripple me. I don’t know what God’s plan is and it’s best to entrust my dreams to him and he’ll take care of the rest. So take a breath and release the If Only’s and I wish to God….

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