Breakaway- is by definition a consisting of people who have decided to separate from a larger group.

Last weekend the youth in my church along with over 400 teenagers in the roanoke valley met at First Baptist Church for a Conference called Breakaway. I was only able to attend the last session but the session that I got to hear was amazing at held a great impact on the youth of roanoke.  In the Three sessions the speaker talked about Jonah and how he was unwilling to obey God which led to bigger problems. Although he finally obeyed after sitting in the belly of a whale for 3 days it’s not the same as if he had done it right away. God would still say that Jonah disobeyed. The second session he talked about Moses, and his many excuses caused delay in the blessings God had for him. All b/c Moses falsely believed he was too inadequate to speak before the Pharaoh of Egypt.

The third session he brought everything together by talking about complete surrender. He tied in how your need to surrender to Jesus, your unwillingness to obey God, like Jonah, can led you where you didn’t want to go and you’ll always find another excuse or a reason too put off surrendering your life or something to God. Don’t be like Moses and just Surrender.

He was a proponent of love, he loves love. But the more that he thought about love and society’s view on love he realized that they lied. They (society) only gives you a one sided view, they only give you the “lovey dovey”, the mushy side of love. They never show you the ugly side of love. The side where you’re arguing or you want a divorce they just show you the hugs and kisses. But the wonderful thing about God is he shows you both… he went and he died to show just how much he loved you and he promises to never leave you.  That mind boggling, amazing love is what true love is all about.

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