Attack of the Wilderness!!!

So this past weekend consisted of me working until I couldn’t work anymore. I was literally so busy at Fresh Market that I thought it was the worst day I had had in a long time. but I got home from work and I start watching Tv and we suddenly hear our dog go nuts and barking all crazy… Well a Raccoon had gotten into our laundry room through the cat door and had proceeded to eat the cat food 😦 We then took a pole to decide what to do. a. Should we block off the door hoping it won’t come back b. have dad chase it back into the woods with a broom. or c. stick the dog on it d. shoot it with an airsoft gun

Problems with each:

a. it might leave us alone for tonight but it WILL BE BACK

b. the raccoon didn’t seem to fear much so it might chase dad lol

c. mom was afraid of rabies

d. the bullets wouldn’t hurt that much


Dad’s vote trumped 😛 so we let Libby (our dog) outside and she found it and killed within 10min shook it to death broke it’s neck and pranced around the yard and left it on our front porch. she wanted to bring it inside but…that didn’t fly 😛 But apparently he has a relative/friend who is out for revenge or just hungry b/c we have another raccoon back tonight ::sigh:: when will it end. Between the possum which lives under the front walkway (disgusting) and these raccoons I’ve had my fill of wilderness for awhile 🙂

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