Around the World in 80 days

What has you gripping your seat waiting for the next line, the next plot to develop? I love the TV show The Amazing Race where 10 teams race around the world and complete tasks to better learn the culture that they are in at the time. I have learned about the differnet cultures and seen some pretty cool/disgusting things on that show but I think it would be so SWEET to be on that show you would have to have a partner that is able to keep their cool under pressure, good at math, good at navigating, can drive stick, not afraid of heights, and has athletic endurance/ability.

       The other show I recently started watching is Drop Dead Diva (DDD) I was pursing netflix one night and I saw this interesting tv show andd started watching the first episode and I’ve been intrigued ever since. It’s about this girl who was a super model until she died and then she went to heaven where she was told she didn’t do enough bad deeds to go to heaven but enough bad deed to go to hell so she sent herself back to earth but there was a mixup in the return process and she now re-enhabits the body of a fat lawyer who enjoys twinkies it’s quite commical.

   The question is why do we hang on to everyword the script writers/actors say? Does watching these shows somehow give us a sense of fulfillment? I wish I was able to travel the world so I’ll watch these people do it and maybe that will curb my desire? No that desire will always be there. Or maybe that desire for a better job/romance by watching deb/jane? no it will always be there. God has given me these desires and they will be satisfied in his timing and in his ways. His ways are Higher then my ways and His thoughts are Higher than my thoughts.

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