“Mascarade Paper faces on parade, mascarade  Hide your face so the world will never find you. “ Why do we feel like we need to put on an act? ” (phantom of the Opera)Make ourselves appear better than we actually are? In the theater there are an array of costumes to wear, masks, makeup, wigs, hair dye, even changing your name and identity but eventhough the audience might not know who you really are God still can see through your Mascarade into your heart and soul and into the very fiber of your being. He created you and loves you with and every lasting love.

I was thinking about the cooking industry which i’m getting ready to embark into in a few short months and the trends that flow in the people that make the industry what it is. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people either have tattoos, piercings, gauges, smoke, drink, or cuss.  My decision making process is most things are good in moderation with a few exceptions where you are either all or nothing, or the other exception is absolutely not. I try not to judge those who disagree with me but I do I do have convictions. Tattoos, piercings and drinking in my opinion are ok in moderation. Others will tell me drinking isn’t ok and I respect that. Cussing is used too liberally when a person’s vocabulary is so limited that they feel like they have to resort to offensive language for everyday conversation it takes meaning from the words and it gets under my skin. All or Nothing decision reminds me of two things 1. an abortion the mother has to make a decision if she’s going to keep the baby or kill it. Never mind the argument that it’s not a baby…if it’s just a mass of tissue then why do people who have abortions go through trauma after? but it’s an All or nothing decision. same as belief in God. God gave his all his whole life was devoted to the human race so that they might have the opportunity to have a relationship with him. He desires All your life not part of it all of it…. all or nothing decision.  Absolutely Not decision would a decision that is outside of God’s will for my life, it could be right for someone else but not for me.

As I’m thinking and praying where God will have me go next after I graduate, Atlanta, Nashville, LA? I’m keeping in mind how I make decisions and knowing that God will guide me and show me his will.

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