Blessed Beyond Belief

When I thought that my dream job at this point in my life would be to work at a country club b/c it would give me variety and it would give me consistent hours (most likely) I would see great presentation skills more than a restraunt and I could get my internship done there. Perfect dream but only in my dreams right?? well wrong my dad’s tax accountant knows the chef at hunting hills country club and got me an interview and the chef said he would try to open a position to get me out of fresh market and give me a call!! I’m freaking out b/c this is my dream about to come true but what if he doesn’t call so I start thinking about other places and I thought it couldn’t hurt to put in a few applications right? so I go downtown and turn in an application to a restraunt called the Metro it’s a eurpoean Japanese place very modern with an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs cook as you eat. I’ve never eaten there b/c it’s so expensive but it looks like a very upclass and sweet place so I sit down to fill out my application and before I finish they have interviewed me and have given me a job offer as a Garde Manger Apprentice (french for Cold foods like hor derves and salads) God knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with hunting hills or maybe i would have been but this is so much more of a learning opportunity and I can’t wait! My last day at Fresh Market is wednesday and I start work on Friday. One chapter ends another begins. It amazes how God I thought I knew what I wanted but God knew my desires and fulfilled them to a greater extent and blessed me.

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