The ball keeps rolling…

I realized the other day that I had left my blog in limbo without meaning to of course but I did it all the same and I apologize. It’s difficult in the summer when I’m not regularly at school waiting for a ride which is when I would normally update you on my life.  This summer since I got fired from my job( wrongfully) b/c I had epilepsy.

I found a job with Schaals catering which I’ve worked one wedding with him up at Smith Mtn. lake. This wedding of 150 people was beautiful, right on the lake with a band (consisting of drums and a trumpet), the reception was at the club house with big white flowy tents and big martini glasses that glowed purple at night, they even had fireworks!! Schaals served plated dinner and heavy or’dervs and there was a bar there. the whole shabang cost $60,000 it was a night to remember.

I’ve continued to work with the youth over the summer and it has been a blessing to see these kids having so much fun and enjoying their summers. we’ve taken the kids Tubing on the New River. It was an all day affair, it was so relaxing and the kids were so fun just to be around. I love people watching that’s one of my hobbies and b/c of that I enjoy watching the chemistry people have when they are together. We are getting ready to go to Carowins at the end of this month at I am super excited to see what God has in store for the middle school group. I hope that it will grow considering there are only 7 that regularly come on sunday morning.

I leave for a missions trip to Costa Rica in 7 days!!! it’s crazy and i’m so excited/nervous and thrilled beyond words that God would use me for his purposes even though I will probably mess up their language alot but I’m not perfect in my life either. God forgives me so I hope they will too.  I’ll be saying Tengo un regalo para su familia… es gratis, es parte de el libro de juan (I have a gift for your family and its free, it’s part of the Bible it’s the book of John) I’ll be there a week so hopefully I’ll get the hang of it while i’m there.

The 4th of July was yesterday and we had our annual picnic with my parent’s small group and a few other people but unfortunately it rained for like 2hrs and what was suppose to be a pool party turned into a basement lets sit around and talk about how cute the babies are and eat food.  Not really my idea of a 4th of july picnic but what can you do? The fireworks were a different story we got there and the rain from earlier had kept alot of people away so there wasn’t nearly as many people as there normally was but I had the feeling not for the first time since I’ve been back that life had moved on in the lives of the people I grew up with and I’m still here waiting for the train or wondering if I missed it?

There’s this guy I’ve loved for 3 years he’s wonderful he’s everything I’ve been praying for since I thought about wanting to date again after I broke up my last bf.  He’s passionate about what he loves, God is at the forefront of his mind, willing to try new things, he has high standards, he’s ADD and OCD but it makes life fun and his car is the only car i’ve gotten in where he doesn’t have to move something for me or it’s not a mess. He loves my family, he’s great with kids, he’s a nerd and I’ve always had a thing for nerds. Sometimes I wonder if he means this much to me God obviously had something to do with it b/c it didn’t happen overnight then why doesn’t he at least notice me for me and not just bre mortellaro?

Well theres the update on my life and my heart I’m sure you’ll get more updates after I get back from costa rica!

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