The 3 Spiritual drives of people

In my 23 years I’ve noticed that not all people were made the same. But what people decide to do with their one life that they have on this earth depends on if they believe they have a life after this life. People live in ignorance, fear, indifference, or awe. People who live in ignorance live their life thinking their life will go on forever, sometimes they have some idea of who God is but not necessarily. When I was in Costa Rica we ran into alot of people who were characterized as Catholics but they didn’t practice their beliefs. they had some knowledge of a God and understood that we need a savior but still thought we had to pay for salvation with our good works. People who live in fear can either be ultra protective and consequently not willing to take risks. They are afraid of to hell when they die and that drives them spiritually to do good works or they get scared into salvation by a dooms day preacher. People who are indifference to the grace of God don’t care that he’s blessed them beyond belief. For these people they inevitably ask if God could have stopped blank from happening…why didn’t he? I don’t know why God chooses to do things his way (all I know is that He does a better job at orchestrating¬† my life than I could) everything has a divine purpose. Sure there might be painful things that come our way but God has the people to help us through them and he’ll never leave our side. People that live in awe have a reverence for God and want to see God known throughout the earth. The question is why doesn’t God keep bad things from happening? well we live in a fallen world and we were given free choice instead of being created as God’s robots in a perfect world.

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