Time Warp

For those that read my blog I appologize that I have not been writing however I havn’t felt inspired to write anything of importance. since I last wrote we took the middle school to Carowins and there were 2 kids for every leader and we only had 4 leaders. it was a really small group. So we got kind of discouraged that it was a small group but it was still cool that we could get to know the kids in the group and when we were in the lazy river we had a race and were pinning each other against the wall. I wished I could have gone on more rides but I realized that I was here for the kids not for me. It was for God’s glory not for my own. Two weeks ago I got a job at hidden Valley Country Club working as a line chef. I work from 1-9 and 1-10 on fridays. It’s a great schedule b/c I know when I’m working and I get the same days off every week. The only downside about this job is that it’s slow right now since it’s the end of the summer so I might go several hours without making something and I might be watching TV or playing games on my phone. I’ve started bringing flash cards with Bible memory verses on them to memorize during my shift. I’m working on memorizing Is. 43. School starts in a week and I realize how fast summer has flown by it’s like I’m stuck in a time warp and I am helpless to stop it. Sometimes the devil tricks us into believing that problems in our life are out of our control and we are sucked into this lie. The only way to fight this lie is with God’s word and prayer. In hebrews it says God’s word is living and active sharper than any double edge sword.

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