I’ve got the Best of both worlds…

To answer your question I no I really don’t like Hannah Montana/ Millay Siaras or W/e her name is although i will say her movie was pretty good 😉 Everyone on the East coast started school this week and my family is no exception. My sister started High school and going from homeschooling to being a Freshman at CSHS is a real adjustment and my Younger brother is going into 5th grade and having a hard time lets just say TGIF. After getting my new job my schedule has been perfect I literally have the best of both worlds I get to go to school in the morning once a week and go to work for 4 days in the evening I get 30hrs then 3 days off. I’m also a youth leader for the middle school and I’ve seen some amazing kids not only in the middle school but in the highschool. They are on fire for God and they inspire change in their schools and in their friends around them and i can’t wait to see what God has in store for them. It’s so cool how God allows me to be a part of each others lives to bring us closer to him. its not anything we can do by ourselves but its by his purpose and by his grace.

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