The Fallen American Dream

If someone was to ask you what is the “American Dream”? what would you say? would it differ from someone who lives in another country trying to come to the US to live a better life than they are currently living to achieve their dream life. but when I think american dream I think family with both parents, go to college get a good education, get a high paying job, have a nice house, get married and have children.  Now that we all are in the idealistic scenario…i’m going to crush it.

With society developing the way that it is homosexuals, people living together before marriage, high divorce rate its no wonder that we have broken homes, confused people and hurting individuals searching for hope and meaning in their life. Without a solid marriage a child might not go to college and it is almost crucial to the american dream.

College is an important time not only academically but also socially and emotionally. This is the time in a young person’s life where the bird has left the nest and they can develop as a person. If they aren’t given this opportunity then the job market will be less available to them and they will have less life experiences.

High paying Job like doctors, lawyers, human resources, IT, Marketing, Pilot takes lots of training, schooling and dedication to the job and clients but you’re rewarded well.

Having a nice house the symbol of being successful is how big is your house and how nice is your car we are a material nation sometimes it just makes me sick to think about it.

Getting married and having children one of the greatest blessings to know and be loved by someone who completes you and are joined with them forever having children is an extension of that love. What’s crazy is God loves us so much more than we could love our husbands/wives…blows my mind

so that’s my definition of American dream now on… I believe that 10years ago 9/11/01 when the terrorists flew planes into the twin towers they were not only attacking The United States of America but they were attacking…

The American Dream : Stable homes, College bound seniors, Financial stability, Jobs, The Economy, marriages, healthcare, it has also made us racist against all muslim people, and we are leery of flying.

From all those who helped at ground zero to those who flew the planes, to those who died in the crashes or when the towers fell, to those who made it out or knew someone who should be, we are so thankful for your sacrifice and will never forget.

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