Stuck in a rut

I wonder how many times I have thought to myself I hate living like this. This same old routine going to school, going to work, going to the same church that I grew up in, living in the same place i’ve lived in for 23 years, not being able to really take control and do anything except do the necessities and then go home. I’m basically a hermit b/c I don’t have a driver’s license no one wants to drive all the way up the mountain save a select few and it’s really discouraging at times. I wonder why and wish I was back in harrisonburg but when I was in harrisonburg I wished I was in roanoke b/c some of my friends were in roanoke I guess you can’t have your friends and your independence too. Part of me wants to move away to a new city where they have fabulous public transportation so i can have my independence and meet cool people and then get a great job and love life again. To help me get out of my rut I’m going to get a haircut something different I’m tired of getting a haircut and no one noticing. But the God says there is a season for every event under heaven so I guess that includes this too. I have till this summer before I get my associates in culinary arts and certificate in baking. Trusting on God’s everlasting love i’ll make it through everyday and maybe he’ll even give me the desires of my heart that he’s planted there 🙂 but only time will tell.

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