The diamond in the rough

Every girl aspires to get a diamond on her hand that sparkles and shines. Most start planning their wedding from the time they start playing with barbie and ken 🙂 but how do you transform yourself from being a girl playing barbies to being a women with a beautiful diamond and living the life God designed for us to live in holy marriage with the perfect person. I was told yesterday that men plain and simple are: pigs, vulgar, and will care what you think for awhile but after that they are selfish. First of all I disagree and I thank all the godly men whom I can say that this does not categorize all men. He then backtracked and said 99% of males think/act like that. Consequently I said I am looking for that 1%. I know they exist b/c I’ve seen them sparkling god’s light shines right through them. What is interesting about the creation of an actual diamond is that the mineral undergoes intense pressure and high temperatures before a diamond is formed. The same is true with God when something crazy is going on in your life and you have intense pressure and stress you turn to God and trust him to control the situation and he’ll turn something rough into a diamond. 🙂

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