For the Long Haul

Many times my brain doesn’t think past the here and now. I’m so focused on me. I’m so selfish. But God is so patient with us he’s in it for the long haul even when we want to leave him he is always there for us. He knows what’s best for usSchool is another thing that you have to be committed to for the long haul (at least for 4 years) until you graduate with a degree to improve and better our life. Marriage is another in it for the long haul commitment that God created from the beginning of time and from the first day you enter into that covenant with the other person it just keeps getting better and better as you grow in relationship with each other and closer to God. I’ve taken to memorizing large sections of  Scripture as a long haul commitment because it sets my mind on the things of God and clears my mind of worries or my personal desires.  Right now I’m memorizing Isaiah 43 because while I was in costa Rica this summer God used Isaiah 43:18,19 to speak to me Therefore don’t dwell on the past see I am doing a new thing. Do you not perceive it? I am making a way through the dessert and a spring in the wasteland.

I still don’t know God’s full plan but it was still reassuring when I was anxious.

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