This week has been super crazy and I don’t know how to make it slow down. First I have another seizure at work split open my chin, have 9 stitches and now my jaw (one week later) is still in alot of pain to the point where I can’t open it to get a spoon in it.

Then I decide that seizures weekly at my job aren’t worth it so I call my boss who apparently isn’t working there anymore either to tell him I quit. I just hope I can get my internship papers signed by someone there.

Then transmission in the van breaks down and we call AAA and they tell us we had just run out of gas but giving us more gas doesn’t help so we are out of a car for several days.

Today at school we had a beef cook off, 3 cuts, app soup and entree and we had to work together in our teams and then we would be judged. I was the chef and I feel like I would have done better if it was an individual competition.

Thanksgiving is in a week, my gma comes back in 6 days and then we run the drumstick dash! I’m just feeling overwhelmed at this point and idk what God is doing but If i can just get my mind to catch up with my heart it would be good.


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