Bottom Line Baker

            Bubble Cake Bake Shop

So today I interviewed at Bubble cake! God is super Ironic. First off never tell him I’ll never work in a bakery b/c guess what, he will ask you to do what you tell you won’t do. This whole past semester I had to take an Advanced Baking class and I went into the class saying I don’t like baking b/c it’s science and conversions and everything has to be exact there’s no room for playing like there is in cooking so lets just get through these 8 weeks and everything will be hunky dory. First off it’s a hard class to begin with then try to cram it in 8 weeks then it’s ultra hard. I learned more about teamwork and how important it is to use each other’s strengths to get the project done. We did 3 projects first was cupcakes and cookies then we did a theme cake we chose Willy Wonka and I learned that decorating was more of my strength and something I had a passion for if I was ever going to be positioned in a bake shop.

When I quit my job at Hidden Valley country Club I wasn’t quite sure where to work next. I knew line cook work wasn’t where God wanted me b/c the environment was all wrong, none of the caterers had wanted me in the past and they work late hours so I was at a loss. I didn’t want to go into retail especially during christmas. So Ironically God told me to put in an application at Bubble cake. I fought it for awhile but finally said fine I’ll apply for a cupcake decorator that fits my personality and passion which I recently discovered. However, at the interview this morning I found out that nobody does one specific thing. I would start on the counter and learn the POS system, the cupcakes then move to finisher which decorates/ices the cupcakes, then baker, then manager the higher in the ranks I move, the more money I make. I felt myself thinking but I’ll destroy all your cupcakes if you make me bake b/c I don’t bake well. But I took a deep breath and said that I would love to start training even though I’m not great at baking God will help me and we take this one step, one day at a time.

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