What will you do for a Christmas present?

I’ve heard crazy stories about black friday shopping how stores opened thursday night so consequently people wanting the Black friday deals had miss thanksgiving dinner with their families to stand in line to get whatever deal they were trying to get. In one instance the wife brought her husband thanksgiving dinner in line at toys R us. I think their time would be better spent with their families. Then today when stores released the Jordan sneakers limited edition $189 and there was a stampede. Some stores pepper spray and gun shots rang out. Over a shoe. My grandmother and I however went to the mall and when we learned that the store didn’t have the size we needed we drove all the way to River ridge mall in Lynchburg to get it….This is my story.

We hop on to 460 and my phone GPS took us straight there without a problem in 1 hr. We thought we could be out of the mall in a jiffy and then be back on the road in no time before mom even realized we had left. (she had gone out to do her own christmas shopping and hadn’t been home yet) We both split up I went to go get the gift while gma browsed in the store we entered through. When I got to the store the clerk, who having received the call from the store in roanoke set aside the wrong color, so we both prayed that he had it on the rack otherwise we had just drove an hour for naught. But he did and I returned to my gma who hadn’t even made it halfway around the store. By the time we left it was pouring buckets of rain and we exited the wrong door to the parking lot. As we got on the highway and started driving on the highway home her windshield wiper broke and she suddenly couldn’t see anything. It was dark, raining, and we were on the highway. Fabulous. We managed to exit off the highway and call Onstar and they called the towing company so they could take us to get it repaired at advanced auto. 45min later he arrived and said that the arm was broken so it would do no good to put a new wiper blade on it.  All the places that fix cars were closed since it was after 5pm. so we made the decision to spend the night 1hr away from home. No change of clothes, no meds totally trusting God to protect me. We woke up this morning and the sun was shining the grass was green so we trucked home

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