The Robotic Nation

So I got to thinking the other day when I wasn’t having such a great day. What if we were created as robots and when God put us on this beautiful earth to take care of it he programed us in with one particular emotion that we could only feel everyday all day for the rest of our life! Wouldn’t that suck?? Think of the wide array of emotions we are able to experience even just in a day.


its what you experience when life is going your way it puts a smile a on your face.


The feeling you get when you’re going on a trip, going on a date, someone surprises you with a present, Christmas morning. It would just be strange for someone to be excited all the time.


Anytime your doing something for the first time.


When someone dies and grief consumes your thoughts and your entire being. When you slam the car door on your finger or when life just doesn’t seem fair.


When people don’t see things from your perspective or don’t follow the rules set by authorities. People do things especially to get under your skin. Why is it that some people are more easily angered? 

All these emotions and many more have their place in our lives. I know we all wish we could live joyful, happy, peaceful lives. free from sadness, grief trials and tribulation. If we were lucky these ideal people would never tick each other off and anger would be a foreign concept as would war. But if we rid ourselves of these mountains in our spiritual lives than it rids ourselves of the opportunity to draw near to our creator.

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