A nun’s valentine

So random valentine’s House tangent Ready? Go!! I go on these spurts where I watch house religiously then not at all then sporadically then I remember how great it is and continue watching it again. So I’m just now getting back into it and the last episode was about this patient who was going to become a Nun and she came to the hospital and was really struggling with the fact of was she really being called? Or was it something she just wanted to do for herself? She was challenged by the dr. to really ask herself was she ready to take a vow of silence to never talk to a human being again to never touch a human again and devote the rest of her days to prayer. I’ve thought about that and I love people I would go crazy if I couldn’t be around them. To never touch someone again would be very suppressing. This valentine’s day was the first time in over 6yrs I have had a date for valentine’s day and being free to hold someone’s hand brings joy to my soul. I don’t feel guilty for saying that b/c that’s the way I was designed God is still first and thats the way it will stay.

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