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Anyone know what the number one destination for spring break is?…   as spring break is approaching fast I’m thinking I want to do something this year better than just sit in my house. So I booked a flight to   Milwaukee!! and probably when I say Milwaukee you think that’s the last place i’d want to go for spring break and until my best friend moved there and until I went and visited their wonderful city I would have said the exact same thing.

Milwaukee is known for it’s beer and cheese, they are very festive during holidays. The city has beautiful murals painted on the side of random buildings. They have lots of city parks but one of their parks was designed by the same man(Frederick Law Olmsted) who designed central park in NYcity.

I loved how traffic moved so smoothly even during rush hour. The lights were so short it never felt like you were sitting at one very long. They even had “Pause” lights when you entered the highway so that too many cars didn’t enter the merging ramp at the same time. Ingenious in my opinion and they need to help roanoke!

Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the US. Where my friend lives it’s the inner city of milwaukee and everyone is black so if you see a white person the police might stop and ask why you’re in the neighborhood and you’ll get some stares. All the people on her street are renters, and they change houses frequently but all the kids are playing in the sidewalk in my friend’s backyard playing bball. people are grilling it’s just one big community .  One street over are the people who are still inner city but are home owners for decades. Kids are rollerblading on the sidewalk and biking while their parents read on the porch. Third block over nicer homes home owners but it’s completely silent b/c not a single person is enjoying this 60 degree weather. What’s weird is if my friend moved to the third block no one would visit from her old neighborhood b/c they wouldn’t know anyone from their class there.

My favorite part of my trip was how the city had so many unique local food shops. They have this cool coffee shop  location we went to was Built in 1888, the historic Milwaukee River Flushing Station is now home to ALTERRA at the Lake. It was rustic and you can still see the operating pumps it’s two stories overlooking lake Michigan. What I’ve also found is that people who work in local shops are more friendly than those who work in chain stores. I only saw a handful of chain stores and I didn’t once see a walmart or kroger 🙂

my friend’s church meets in a remodeled archery practicing building. It was cool for me b/c I got to be there throughout their week to see how they did their wed. night service and their sun. morning service. Wed bible study consisted of small groups and they were studying a book called  “how to study the Bible for all it’s worth”  the pastor basically talked about reading for context and not just bits and pieces “you wouldn’t get a letter from a friend and read just one page, consequently we can’t just read one chapter and expect to get the whole picture.” The bible isn’t written for  us it’s written to a different people before our time but we can learn from them.

Sunday I noticed their church was young and full of energy and diversity their pastor spoke on grace. “grace says we have a future together, anger and sin says you’re a failure and we’ll never have a chance together” he talked about people living in such a individualistic society but God created us for community. Community with people and community with Him.

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  1. aw! such a fan of all the milwaukee love in this post! it was great having you here!

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