How long and why me?

I realized that there are people in the Bible who had every reason to ask God why me? or How long am I going to be in this situation? Some of them did ask and others just accepted their season of life but God is faithful and has a greater plan that we can’t see.

Abraham- Prayed for a son, God gave him a son when he was 109 years old!

The nation of Israel- they were enslaved in Egypt for 400yrs before God delivered them with the promise to make them a great nation.

Moses- After the israelites disobeyed God they wandered in the dessert for 40 years before going to the promised land.

Naomi- Had her husband and all her sons die but her daughter in law was faithful in taking care of her.

Ruth- her husband died but God provided a husband who would love and take care of her.

Esther- she was taken away from her homeland and family but God used her courage to save her people.

Job- His children all died and his wealth and health was taken from him. But God was faithful and restored his wealth making him twice as rich as he was before and he had several more children

Jesus- Ridiculed, misunderstood by everyone and was crucified. But that was all part of God’s design to reconcile the world to himself.

The Apostles- Killed for their faith. But it brought God the glory he deserves.

Isaac- Worked for 7 years to marry Rachel but his father in law tricked him into marrying her sister Leah. After another 7yrs of work he finally is the husband of both rachel and leah. God uses Laban’s deception to bring about the 12 tribes of Israel.

Joseph- he was beaten by his brothers and sold as a slave, wrongly accused and thrown in prison. This was all part of God’s plan to save Egypt from a coming famine.

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