Social media

Social media can be time consuming if you take part in every single realm of it. Though, it goes in phases and some phase out like…

Myspace which I guess is still around and I still have an account (I think) but it’s geared for the younger crowd (tweens), creepy people who stalk teens and bands advertise on there.

Others don’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon and you can even buy stock in it…

Facebook which started out to be a college social media site which was cool you could see who went to your school and post pictures, statuses that began with your name is…, then it transformed into a site where anyone can have a facebook even your parents or grandparents (creepy or not?), businesses post advertisements on there and try to get you to like their wall. newsfeeds, videos, pictures, birthday notifications, games and link posting are all included in facebook.

Job networking…

While facebook is used for knowing what’s up in a person’s personal life whether they want it or not. Linkedin is a social media network designed for the business world. It’s set up similar to Facebook. You can join different networks based on your profession, become friends with people that might help you find a job, post your resume’, certifications, education, and skills.

For all the things we want to do but never do there’s…

Pinterest, it’s your idea central. want a craft to do for vbs…pinterest. A recipe for next weeks picnic…pinterest. Sewing project, upcycling, decorating tips its a site where women especially could get lost for hours

Getting free stuff by doing what you normally do online

Swagbucks it’s basically a search engine, game center, survey/poll hub, advertisement station and coupon city. When you use the search engine you get points (sometimes find a jackpot!) games are worth 2 points surveys are worth more, daily polls are worth a point then who wouldn’t want to save money on the stuff they buy normally and get points? Once you accumulate points you earn rewards for using their site like actual items or gift cards to places or amazon. However you receive more points if you recommend someone to swagbucks. Everytime they earn points you earn them too! so if you want to start earning points for an amazon gift card or off airfare just by surfing the web then check it out

I want you in my life every minute of everyday

Twitter, with it’s symbol being a bird. Anyone can have a twitter account it can be classified as business, religious, personal or w/e you want it to be. but anyone on your network can see it. with the @ symbol written before the user name and # indicating tags to the tweet (post)

A picture is worth a thousand words

Instagram is a photo sharing site where you post pictures with people in your network and they have the power to like, and comment on them. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes you crop your picture to a specific size so landscape pictures get cropped but you can change the lighting and it looks pretty sweet!

For every movie there was a million amateurs taking their 2min of fame on Youtube. you can find any type of video on youtube. instructional, music video, animal videos, comedians and remakes of the originals.

I’m sure there are more but those are the popular ones/the ones I use it helps people stay connected and meet new people.

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