Ultimate source of Joy

What brings joy? What brings life to your soul? what is your passion? What can you talk about for hours and not realize it? It might sound cliche but Jesus is the source of ultimate joy. He restores my soul when the things of life get me down. He is one of my passions that I love having conversations about and love realizing 2hrs have gone by and it feels like 2 mins. Though Christ is the source of ultimate joy he has blessed me with other things that bring me pleasure…good competition sometimes I’m too competitive for my own good, HUGS!, cooking when the plate looks too good to eat, the feeling you get after you exercise, swimming i was meant to be a fish, anything outside, board games again I will beat you, doing stupid things, singing, playing the piano especially a grand piano perfectly tuned :), Homestead creamery or Klines Ice cream, fixing other people’s problems, Scrooge and roller coasters. This list is most likely not complete and please note that it is not in order of greatest importance just the order that they entered my brain in turn making me happy 🙂 I encourage you to make such a list it will make your day better.

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