No pain- no gain!

So this thing called exercise, ive been walking and doing pushups and crnuches all summer but ive dropped the ball when it comes to playing the exercise kinect game which i used to be so consistant doing. So yesterday i thought it was time to bring out the kinect. It felt great to be hardcore exercising but today my thighs are hating me to the point the refuse to work unless absolutly necessary. Ughh i hate lactic acid and being sore the next day….but no pain no gain! Its like that spiritually too if we only read the passages we are familiar with, pray for the same things, talk to the same people then we arent challenging ourselves and we arent being used to our full potential. So even though i dont see a purpose in what im going through right now God does and he loves it because only you could live ur life. 🙂

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