Pure Bliss :)

Have you ever heard the phrase (normally by older people) “Ignorance is Bliss”? I never really understood the significance of that phrase until this afternoon when I was mowing the lawn. (b/c thats when all the thinking occurs) There are alot of wonderful things to experience in this world and there are a couple theories of thought…Live like there’s no tomorrow lets go do it all and as much as we want vs. There is a perfect time for everything everything in moderation vs what they don’t know they won’t miss. I want to say I live in the middle camp all the time, but I don’t, I flip flop though I do believe everything in moderation. I was thinking today would it be better for me to never have experienced some things b/c the lack of them is making me crave them more? sure God has a plan and everything works out to his good and I have no regrets but if I never dated would I be desiring that kind of relationship now? If I had never had klines ice cream would I crave it so bad I taste it on my tongue? I could build a list of what ifs but that is not beneficial b/c the past is in the past and it is meant to learn from and build a better future learning from your mistakes.

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