Little Miracles, Big God

I’m sorry I havn’t written in a long while. I could give you multiple excuses but in reality writing from my phone isn’t easy and now that i’m back in school I’ll have time again once or twice a week to blog. There are several things I’ve wanted to write about but first… God performs miracles, I’ve been told that my whole life and you can see throughout the bible the miracles he’s performed for his people the isrealites. Sometimes I lose focus that maybe God doesn’t perform them anymore. Recently I was reminded that he still performs miracles you just have to be looking. So here’s my story of the miracle I saw him perform this year. A couple months ago my friend and I had this fight/misunderstanding. ( btw texting isn’t a good way to communicate anything important) In the end the way it went down I was told to get out of their life and I was basically shunned. That had never happened to me before so I was taken aback. Through the bible study of Matt. 5 I was convicted to 1st seek reconciliation. When that didn’t seem possible I prayed for a changed heart, attitude, and words of wisdom. When I didn’t see that happening I prayed for forgiveness on both sides. That he would forgive me for whatever I said in jest that hurt him and for me to want to forgive him for taking his anger out on me. After I had come to a place of forgiveness I prayed that if I had the opportunity to talk to him again my words would be king, true and loving. For a month I prayed for these things off and on. One night at bstud I felt especially led to pray for him. Then the next day I get a random call from him asking to get lunch together. After we talked it out and both parties understood how they were wrong and how the other had been hurt our relationship was restored. It was a perfect display of our repentance to the Father and how through christ we are redeemed.

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