Snow vs. rain!

Snow! this white condensation that gets me out of school and makes everyone excited. benefits the ski resorts but closes everything else in roanoke. Why is it that when it rains which is also condensation everyone is sad and just wants to be home in their sweat pants reading a book or watching movies? but when there is snow or ice people flip out and the grocery store has no milk or bread alot of businesses are closed, schools are closed and no one drives on the road unless absolutely necessary! The only thing people want to do on a snow day are watch cartoons, go sledding and drink hot chocolate and soup. It is crazy what a little water can do. Just like snow I feel like rain is an everyday occurrence so we don’t get excited about it the same is true with God we see him as lord of our lives but don’t really get what that really means and how it effects our life or should effect it. He is the God who parted the red sea, who pulled jonah out of the belly of a whale, appeared to Moses in a burning bush, allowed a virgin to be pregnant, saved one man and his family by instructing him to build an ark, died on a cross to save us and reconcile us to himself! why do these things seem ordinary like raindrops to us? When we go on retreats we get to hear a man/woman of God speak about God’s goodness, faithfulness, enduring love, righteousness, and/or savior of our lives we get excited about this God that we worship just like we get excited about snow. As much as it would snow all the time I know I would get tired of it being cold all the time but sometimes I need this reminder of God’s characteristics even in the rain. 

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