The Gospel: Changing hearts, changing lives, changing the world in which we live

    When I think of the gospel I think of the message of salvation. We are God’s creation, we rebelled against God, God desires to have a relationship with us, He has provided a way back to a right relationship with him through the death and Resurrection of his son Jesus. Thats what I think of when I hear the word gospel. But I’ve realized through the bible study that i’m in that my perception of the gospel is so limited if thats all I think it is. As I’ve heard and seen in the past God doesn’t fit well inside the boxes I/we try to put him in. I have only begun to scratch the surface of the gospel. I’ve gone from thinking the gospel is a way to be saved to the gospel changes my life daily. The first section of the bstud we talked about mathew 5 commonly known as the beatitudes (I think I’ve written a post already about that) we spent a week on each verse and you would think it would be hard to spend an hour talking about one sentence but really it’s not. When you break it down into it’s meaning, context and application today it changes lives. Now we are talking about Sex and the gospel (yes they can coexist in the same sentence). First we broke it down into what society views are about sex. Our society: Glorifies it, easy to get, devalues it, empty, and cheap. I believe we are looking for fulfillment, confidence, and a sense of belonging. You can’t go to the mall, movie store, watch tv or read a book without running the risk of coming across something sexual in nature. We are sexual beings, we are wired that way we desire to be known intimately that is how we were created. To be one with our creator. 

  Next section was relationships. In the bible there are three different types of relationships. 
 Family, Marriage and neighbor. 

Family includes your immediate and extended family. The people who know you better than anyone and still love you. Neighbor relationship is anyone who isn’t in your family or your spouse. In Luke a man asked Jesus what’s the greatest commandment and He said “love the lord with all your heart and the second one like it Love your neighbor as yourself.” My thoughts are ok I know I’m suppose to love everyone but what if this person is unlovable or we don’t get along or they mistreat me? Then that means I’m exempt right? Fortunately, that is not the case. If that was true then God has every reason to hate me. I can be unlovable, sometimes God and I don’t get along I’m selfish and sometimes forget that God has a better plan than I could ever come up for myself. I’ve learned that it is possible to love someone that you don’t like because love isn’t solely an emotion it’s an action. That is how the gospel has been changing my heart. I will continue this blog at a later date because God is continually changing my para-dime.     

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