It’s Not Mine to Give

warning this might turn into a rant but I will try to keep on point. 

Relationships have always been a murky subject until recently. I’ve always known what lines not to cross and even the reason for the “lines” but recently i’ve discovered what christians are called to. Through a recent bible study labeled sex,dating and relationships I’ve learned what God had to say on the subjects and how wrong my view was. In the bible there are three types of relationships that are discussed: family,neighbors and marriage. So where does dating fit in? technically it doesn’t, but society has made a new relationship category where anything is permissible because “we’re dating and I love them”. But without the commitment of marriage your relationship could be there one minute and gone the next. So if dating  isn’t in the bible how does a person get from being a neighbor to marriage? By loving them as a person without any other agenda. I believe that God brings people together in his timing and it will be so obvious that you couldn’t miss it even if you tried. With the condition that you are in the center of God’s will. So back on topic, when I became a Christ follower I agreed to give up my rights to follow Him. This doesn’t come easily but with that it includes giving him my Heart, Soul, mind and strength. My strength being my will, my freedom, and my rights to my life. My mind to let him fill it with his word and get rid of the filth that society tries to overtake my mind with. My soul, He has sacrificed himself for me to have eternal life in heaven instead of being sentenced to an eternity in hell. And my heart, He lives in my heart which is the center of my emotions, the thing that gives life and when you’re in a relationship with a person you give them a part of your heart when it’s not really mine to give Christ is meant to rule in your heart and by giving your heart to someone who isn’t destined to have it in marriage it can be detrimental to your relationship with God. So I’m learning when I meet men not to look at them and mentally run through a checklist seeing if they are dateable I just want to see them for who they are and treating them with respect as brothers in Christ and loving them like a neighbor. 

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