How long…

When hours become days, when days become weeks, when weeks become months, and when months become years. At what point do you say “how long am I going to have to wait? or is this promise, desire or need going to ever happen? or has God said no? God promises if we seek him then he will give us the desires of our heart. Because if we sought to know the mind and heart of God, God’s desires for our life will become ours. Just knowing that is a comfort but it still doesn’t take that desire/need away. I still long for things that haven’t come to fruition. When I start wanting to have a pity party, thinking I have it worse then everyone around me I remember the men and women of faith in the bible who waited years even decades for their desires and promises from God.

   Abraham prayed for a son and God promised that his descendants would be as numerous and the stars in the sky. However Abraham got tired of waiting on God so he took matters into his own hands and married his wife’s servant in attempts to fulfill God’s promise his own way. Although God did bless that son he told Abraham that that’s not where his descendants would come from. After patiently waiting Abraham and Sara had the promised son at age 109 and 100. I wonder how many times Abraham wondered how long lord?

   Isaac worked for his father in law for seven years to marry his daughter even when he was tricked into marrying the eldest daughter in addition to the younger daughter. God used the injustice to create the 12 tribes of isreal.

   Joseph was beaten by his own brothers and sold as a slave, and thrown into prison. Fulfilling God’s plan to use him to save Egypt from the coming famine.

   David was persecuted by Saul, even after David helped Saul. He was known as the man after God’s heart.

   The isrealites were promised that they would be rescued from the oppression they received in Egypt at the hands of the egyptions. They were enslaved for 400yrs.

   Moses whom was isreal’s deliverer had to deal with their rebellion and disobedience and had to deal with the consequences by wandering in the dessert for 40yrs. God doesn’t want to punish us but we always reap the consequences of our actions. Though he does use that time of waiting to bring us closer to himself.

   The widow Nahomi had all her sons and her husband die leaving her with two daughter in laws. But even through this time of loneliness she reached out and helped her daughter to find a husband and was cared for by her.

   Ester was taken away from her family but God used her to save her people.

   Job was stripped of everything that mattered his children, his wealth, his health and his friends deserted him. But still he remained faithful to the only thing that mattered and he had left, his relationship with God. But God rewarded his faithfulness by making him twice as rich as he was before.

  Jesus the son of God was ridiculed, misunderstood, rejected by many, and deserted from his father. But through all his trials God exalted him to the highest place and became the savior of the world bridging the gap between us and the merciful and just father.

   All these people often wondered why, doubted God but didn’t let it dim the fire/ change their loyalty to God. It seems like the questions we desperately want the answers to are the ones we have to be still and wait on the Lord or some answers we might not see during our lifetime. God reserves the right to guide us to follow his will. He uses the good times to remind us of his love and kindness and he uses the bad times to show us our need for him. When we do come to the light at the end of the dark, labor some, sorrowful, lonely tunnel. We can say that God is faithful, His purpose endures forever. His desire is for us. And if God is for us who can be against us. Listen to the song “how long” 🙂

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