The value of suffering

Although, the Christians of today’s modern world aren’t persecuted like the early church who were dying for their faith it is still of an inconvenience to their life. Whether its personal suffering, or the starving child in africa it still effects the world in which we live. Some people can’t see even the possibility of a all knowing all powerful God because of his apparent allowance of pointless suffering.  But really what is pointless suffering? suffering without any apparent reason. But what if there is a greater purpose that we just can’t see it. If we could see what God sees then we would be able to comprehend his allowence for it. Like joseph in the bible underwent suffering so also I went through a season in my life where I couldn’t imagine his plan for me. Sometimes i just needed a person who had no emotional attachment to my situation but would speak God’s truth and character into my life making it possible to endure. Now that I’m in another phase of my life i can see the value of the previous seasons though painful at times have been a preparation for now and has brought me closer to himself, my family and fellow believers. 

   What people have trouble believing is that God is being unjust and unfair in today’s world. But who determines what is just? If you ask 10 different people what justice and fairness are you can get varying answers. there has to be a common agreement on what is the standards, rules and ideals for something to be fair or not. Because if everyone has a different view on what justice is then the given situation will be unfair to someone. 

  Another quandry for evolutionists is if we evolved then how can their be horrible wickedness in this world. If there is a way rational creatures are supposed to live, obligated to live? 

  The Christian God came to the earth to put himself in the place of understanding human suffering. Providing a resource for facing suffering with hope and courage. There is no greater agony than the loss of a relationship that we desperately want. If a mild acquaintance turns on you, condemns and criticizes you and says she never wants to see you again, it’s painful. If someone your dating does the same thing, it is qualitatively more painful. But if your spouse does this to you or if it’s one of your parents does it to you when youre a child, the psychological damage is infinitely worse. We can not fathom, however what it would be like to lose not just spousal love or parental love that lasted for a several years but the infinite love of the Father that Jesus had from all eternity. Jesus’ sufferings would have been eternally unbearable. Not the pain of being nailed to a cross but the soul wrenching pain that the endless exclusion from God that was necessary for us to come into God’s presence. He desires us that much! Just that knowledge blows me away. 

    ~The reason for god by tim keller~  

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