is suicide the unforgivable sin?


   It’s been on my mind as of late. to those who are freaking out right now “oh my gosh what’s wrong with bre maybe she needs to talk to me” though everyone needs encouragement, love, joy and happiness no I am not suicidal I don’t think I’ve ever thought of personally committing suicide. What leads people to think that life would be better without them in it or life is too hard so if I die I’ll stop feeling pain. Depression is a major cause. My cousin was a victim of suicide. Though I never knew him well, I never knew the reason behind it or how it effected his immediate family I know that the few times I met him he was a fun guy and I can’t fathom the whys. Ive thought about eternity and the gospel. We were destined for hell until God out of his divine love and mercy wanted to have a relationship with me sent his son who willingly separated himself from the father so I wouldn’t have to. The greatest joy is to be in the presence of God the father. A couple weeks ago I was told that it was common knowledge that those who commit suicide go to hell. It’s the ultimate sin, you have no opportunity to repent and no good works done on earth can make up for it. When I heard this I didn’t agree with that theology. I havn’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I don’t want to think my cousin was so depressed that he thought suicide was the answer and instead it became the biggest mistake he ever made which sent him to suffer in hell for all eternity. I don’t want to think that’s the case. I don’t believe that’s the ultimate truth. It’s not an absolute. I don’t believe in a works based salvation. I believe sin is sin. there is no hierarchy of sins. When I put my trust in Christ he paid for the sins I have commited and also for the sins I will commit. Christ died once for all. Therefore I believe yes there is a hell, yes there is a heaven that lasts for eternity, but I also believe that when you put your faith and trust in christ you are forgiven from your sins past, present and future. As awful as it is, I believe there will be victims of suicide who have trusted in christ during their lives in heaven. 

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