The American Dream

The american dream (AD) is the “ideal” life. Perfect family with a mom and a dad who make a considerable amount of money, brother or sister and a dog and cat. I grew up in that dream. I don’t know at what point I stopped living the dream and started looking for my own version of the AD. Was it when I got my first boyfriend, when i went to college, or when I got my first full-time job. But whenever I reached that point where I started my journey and not just a part of my parent’s journey I realized that this world is a mess. How can I have my own dream when it seems like me against the world? Despite this, I am still blessed beyond what I deserve. I may not live how others expect me to or how God calls me to but I’m still loved and accepted by him anyway.

Though it wasn’t well known, this past week I was told the rash I had was shingles. Which is a disease which comes from the chicken pox virus and stress. Apparently it’s suppose to be very painful and itchy. Itchy yes but I didn’t have hardly any pain and nothing advil couldn’t handle (Advil to the rescue) Maybe I was missed diagnosed or maybe i caught it before it got really bad or I am just blessed to have a extremely mild case. What can I say now to people who have had the shingles and have had terrible pain? Why was I blessed and not them? Why do some people outgrow epilepsy or have it controlled but others like me have it lingering in the back of their mind everyday? Why does someone who is completely healthy suddenly get sick and never fully recover? Why does drunk driver live and the mom with three kids die? I could go on and on but on this side of heaven there aren’t any answers that make sense.

After some contemplation, maybe we aren’t suppose to live the AD. Why should we let society dictate how we live our lives? Putting us in this cookie cutter life plans yet still stressing that we are unique and telling us we can be whoever we want to be. It’s a trap, if we don’t strive for the AD then something is wrong with you. But if we strive after the AD and we fail then we aren’t being unique. If we aren’t suppose to live the AD then what is my/our purpose? I believe that God purposed us to seek after himself, his kingdom and his righteousness. When we seek after God our hearts become aligned with his and our desires become the same. His plan for me is different then how I planned but I wouldn’t trade it because he has taught me alot through his plan more than I could have learned on my own.

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