winds of change

Is my life/your life a means to and end or is it the way it’s suppose to be? The grass is greener on the other side….you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone. I think both these sayings reflect on your life and show some kind of discontent for your current stage in life. Why live life in the past? why live for the future? tomorrow isn’t a given so live like today is all you have to make the most out of your friendships, to make impacts on guests/customers/coworkers at work. I was wasting time on netflex and I happened on this morvie “finding normal” and it was a feel good movie and predictable but it struck me as funny and I can draw a parallel to my life. *note I will spoil the movie sorry still a good movie** The movie was about this lady who was speeding through her life in a relationship because it was all she had known for the past five years but had not stopped and asked the whys of the details of life. As she’s driving across country to visit her boyfriend she is caught speeding and the fine is so steep and due to not having cash or checks she has to stay in the town called “normal” and do 3 days of community service being a traveling doctor. While the whole town was really nice and encouraged her to stay she still kept the mindset “i have to get through these 3 days then I can leave to finish my trip.” I feel sometimes that that can be my attitude with life. When I was looking for a job and got the job here at the homestead I told myself I would stay here a year then look to see where God would lead me. It’s a transition period and once this is on my resume I can see where my life will start. When I was having a rough day at work where I wanted to just give up I kept reminding myself only a few more months then I can look for a job elsewhere. The problem with that thinking is that I’ve pushed others away, I’ve grown weary in making efforts to make friends, to fit in and it has left me empty and tired. But I’ve almost neglected the pleasures of having a farmers market open weekly in walking distance in the summer, the amenities at the hotel, hiking, fishing, the lake and killer view of the stars. Basically be thankful for today and take advantage of the opportunities that are around you and radiate God’s glory  

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