Chasing life

I am watching this show on abc family called chasing life it’s a drama and it hit home with me and got me thinking. The main character is a young lady aspiring to be a journalist when she finds out she has cancer. The show goes on to live life with her and the struggles which become very real. What I love is that she doesn’t give cancer control of her life. She would have every right to feel sorry for herself but instead she goes out and lives life to the fullest. It got me thinking about all the things I give permission to control of my life. My job for one, I am working over 40hrs a week and doing the work of 2 people. But even when i’m not at work I find myself talking about my fustrations, how i don’t feel appreciated or how sometimes my coworkers drive me crazy but i’m blessed to have a job. When you spend so much time, energy, and thoughts you become controlled by that. I feel like I have done a pretty good job at not letting epilepsy control my life. Granted i don’t deal with it on a daily basis but its part of who i am. Why i don’t party, why i don’t lie on 4hrs of sleep, why i don’t drive and why I believe in the divine purpose of my life. Don’t get me wrong there are times where i’d love to not care so much about my health i’m young and healthy so why not live carefree? It’s taken me years to get to the point where I don’t get bitter when people ask me why i don’t drive and even longer to just flat out tell them “I have epilepsy and can’t drive” rather than beat around the bush. What you let control your life determines your attitude and outlook on life. If I let epilepsy rule my life I’d live in fear that I’d have an episode and hurt myself or die. I’d never swim, live alone and I would have pity parties. I’d adopt the mindset that life isn’t fair why should a good godly girl be dealt this hand in life? but instead I strive to let Christ rule in my heart and in my mind b/c that gives a purpose to my empty life. He reassures me that I am not alone that nothing happens to me that hasn’t been preapproved. Even if I don’t understand it now when I get to heaven all of my current worries and struggles will melt away and I will only care about things of heaven. so whether you have a health issue or are allowing something or someone other than christ rule in your heart and mind then give all your hopes, dreams and desires up to the creator (he already knows them anyway). Live the fulfilling god centered life you were created for. 

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