Re: bringing everything full circle

Even the slightest things trigger memories. Our brains never cease to amaze me. The smell of chlorine brings back memories of countless swimteam practices. The taste of raspberries brings memories of gma’s summer home when we would pick fresh raspberries along the road together. The touch of a blanket brings memories of the lazy days spent watching netflix all day and not caring. The sight of my hoodie with RE written on it brings back all the words beginning with RE that are so good for the soul. Relax; take time to spend with yourself. Don’t stress about the little things in life. Everything that will be will happen according to God’s master plan. Renew, Restore, God is in the business of restoring his creation of being the loving, merciful, gracious god. The whole earth is longing to be restored back to it’s intended glory. Revive, though we may feel like we are too far from God that his mercy could never reach us that we are too far gone for us to be revived brought back from the dead. But God raised Lazarus, jesus and others in the bible and he is the same god yesterday as he is now and his character will stay the same forever. Though our memories may dwindle, cause us pain, bring joy, our promise of heaven will never dull, promises to erase all pain and bring us endless joy. So surrender your life, Give God your dreams, your rights and prosper in the life you were intended to live.

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