What’s old has past away and the new has come! welcome 2015 bring it on!

I never posted an obligatory post on the year end review and aspirations for the new year of 2015! So 2014 marked my one year at the omni Homestead Resort. I have learn so much about how a professional kitchen runs, the life or lack thereof. I learned how I learn best and how I work well or clash with other chefs. How to overcome how I view people if I don’t agree with them professionally we can be friends outside of work. Or visa versa. I’ve seen the slackers fired and 52hrs of overtime on one check over christmas resulting in 2 weeks off without a day off I don’t recommend it! I’ve also learned that God gives and takes away and it’s not based on how good of a christian we are or how much we believe in his healing power it is at his will he uses the struggles and the pain along with all the encouraging friends to keep you seeking him. On the other side of the coin is that in 2015 I aspire to travel more and I have two major trips planned to visit my bff soul mate, life twin in el salvador in the spring and going to take a father/daughter trip to Italy in the fall. In addition I have plans to go visit a coworker who got into a really bad accident and is in a therapy hospital in Tenn. Also to count my blessings, find someone to go church visting with and to find not just a church but a community. I read this article “Dear church this is why people are leaving you” by Faithit.com Whether I’m for church or against it I agree with alot of what this article is trying to convey. I would love to have a discussion group on the positives and negatives of this article.

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