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I’ve been building my It Works business! I’ve been well, an adventure. I knew things were getting ready to change in my life but I didn’t know when. I knew I wanted to try some of the it works products mainly the facial line to get my face clear and healthy (which I achieved). I knew I wanted community and most importantly I wanted to transfer to the grove park inn in asheville, NC. Well I decided that the time was now. It works was having a double good bonus so I could earn $1,000 in the first couple months with the help of a few friends or curious strangers. Why not spend my free time learning the business and enjoying great products while making money and still enjoying working the fast pace of the kitchen? So I spent the $99 to join the party! I got my business builder kit which came with the it works news magazine, 2 product catalogs, blitz cards and a box of those crazy body wrap things which I could sell for $25 apiece or use them on myself to get great before and after pictures. After a couple days of unaswered messages or people just blowing me off entirely I started to get discouraged maybe I wasn’t cut out for this? How long does it take for me to know if I’m a success or a failure? One thing people have told me is that it’s not up to me to convince people the products convince people, pray for your business, for your customers and for your distributors and remember that some people reach their goals over night others take a bit of time but you will get there so keep working at it! My first Goal was to reach 4 loyal customers in 30 days. Loyal customers are people who say “yes I want to try 1 or more of it works products for 3+ months in a row or pay a $50 membership fee” The cool thing about this membership is you get 45% of retail pricing and you actual pay the same rate as distributors pay for products! You also earn perk points to apply toward free products in the future! My next Goal is to Reach executive rank where I can make $300 mth In order to do that I need 2 people to join the party too! Start on this adventure with me. Most people don’t stay at one rank for long so I’m hoping to make it to ruby sooner rather than later hit a few level bonuses along the way ;).  I love this company for several reasons: 1. it’s a christian company that makes it easy for their distributors to make money and they also freely give back. 2. Their products Really work 3. The products don’t just target one demographic they target those who are healthy, those that want to be healthy, those who want to lose weight, the hardworking stressed out people and everyone in between. 4. They can turn a business you build in your spare time into one that pays you like it’s your full time job. 5. It allows people to spend time doing what they love and really enjoy their god given passions.  If you’re in debt now’s the time to join! If you’re a mom and you want to spend more time with your children then now’s the time to Join! If you have tried those crazy wrap things and have gotten results then now’s the time to join! If you want to make a big impact in your health then now’s the time to join! If you want to be able to give to a charity or someone you feel passionate about, then now’s the time to join! So what are you waiting for?

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