Chef thoughts and it works actions

There are different influences in your life that have brought you to this place. Church, family and School are the greatest influence as children. But what about those God given passions? That no matter what you do you keep getting drawn back to them? For me mine is the kitchen and food. I am a people person, I may be quiet and reserved but I am a people person and I’m an artist. I enjoy being the one who brings food and others are amazed at what I can do with simple things. Food Brings people together in a special way. I’ve been away from the kitchen (commercially) for a little over a week. I MISS IT! I miss the unity, the hussle and bussle of servers putting in orders, being over booked, looking at the nightly print out and looking at the clock “here we go”. I miss the sizzle of hot oil, the crunch of crisp produce, the goey chocolate, spicy fries, creamy sauces. I miss the adrenaline, exhaustion and the #cheflife. What things create a successful kitchen? In my opinion it comes down to communication and loyal employees who will come in at the drop of a hat, will switch shifts and help bail you out when you are so far in the weeds that walking off the line seems like the only option. What causes people to be loyal employees? I was reading this article on “the things I wish I knew before becoming a chef” (I’ll post a link later) and he made a point: loyal people don’t have to be loyal. They do it because they WANT to be. Typically they are loyal because they believe in the product, the company and they respect their peers and chefs. If you don’t have those key elements good luck getting loyal employees and you’ll constantly be dealing with high turnover and never trusting your team. Don’t settle for mediocrity in yourself. If you complain that everyone sucks at their job and doesn’t care, you can’t make them care and strive for excellence but YOU can strive for excellence and hope that they’ll follow along. Not everyone wants to be the next top notch chef. I am not reaching for that goal right now. I’m constantly growing and changing and might change my mind but I do love the kitchen atmosphere. But on the other side of this, as I’ve already stated I’m a people person so it draws me toward my other passion; IT WORKS! For those who have never heard me talk about it before it’s the company who came up with “those crazy wrap things”. It’s been an incredible adventure and I love my coworkers, I love the company and they’ve given me something to buy in to that I believe in. I am loyal because I want to be. I respect my uplines and all the hard work they’ve put into me. I can’t wait to have and build my own team to infuse my love and passions into them. I’m sorry you missed the By One get one wrap sale we had but there are many different sales and perks to becoming a loyal customer and even more being a distributor 🙂 I’d love to share my passion and give you the opportunity to wrap for free by hosting a wrap party. Contact me through my website 🙂 Oh here’s the link to the chef thoughts website

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