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There are some people in life who plan every last detail of their life. They carefully plan for different situations and if things don’t go as planned they freak out and loose control. Others Don’t expect much of themselves, they don’t set goals instead they fly by the seat of their pants and they either are really good at it or they fail and regret it. There are many faces of It Works. Whether it be you came to know and love the company b/c of a friend telling you about the opportunity, seeing an ad on facebook, seeing an interest box for a free wrap or just trying the products and seeing that they really do work for you and for your lifestyle. Everyone gets into it for a different reason. Single moms looking to put food on the table or pursue something bigger than themselves, College students who want to pay for their books and pay room and board. Special needs parents who pay for round the clock nursing care or special hospital tests and procedures. Parents pay for their vacations, mortgages, or school loans. I joined b/c I wanted to try the facial products. I didn’t understand the loyalty program and thought hmm if I could use the products and make myself feel better, healthier and make money then it would be good.

trial distributor

I have learned so much about myself, what motivates me, the areas of my life that I love and what areas I need to work on, I have experienced a supportive community that is positive and excited when I make progress. I’m not looking for lifetime distributors (though I would love for you to be on my team long term) but give me 3 months and tell me that it has not changed your life in SOME way. You can contact me through facebook or through my website I can also give you information on product testing and different product challenges to get your the results you’re looking for


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