The adventures of Becky and Bre

First of all Thank you to becky’s friend for finding true love and planning on getting married tomorrow, (plot twist she runs off with the groom! j/k)  to my twin becky for bringing me my stuff I left in roanoke and for giving me a tour of my own city lol. Shes a foodie like me so we decided to try a couple places while she was here. She went to the mellow mushroom while I was at work so technically I can’t comment on the food but the decor in there is quirky. Tonight we went to: 

It is in downtown asheville, small shop front with delicious food that delighted my tastebuds 🙂 I had red coconut shrimp curry. yumm I can’t wait for left overs tomorrow!! The decor is nice with wooden tables. The waiter was prompt and it flowed really well although he couldn’t really explain the difference in  between green, red and yellow curry other than color 😉  It would be a good place to go for a date or an anniversary. Prices were good considering the quality of food. I would go recommend it and would go back.

The plan initially was to go to olive or twist and go latin dancing but the band had to cancel b/c their lead singer got sick so that sent us searching for another place of listen to live music at which we never really found. It seemed like every place we decided to go to was either finishing the music or was a brewery. I keep thinking why am I in a beer town if I don’t love beer?

We ended up at Zambras


It’s a spanish place with tapas. They had live spanish music but they were just finishing when we finally decided on stopping there. the bar tender trey was friendly and answered are alcohol questions and asheville questions. After a white russian and a pomegranate cosmo we bid him goodnight. Also a nice place for a date or a good place for a group of friends/foodies to get a whole bunch of tapas and do a table share!

Highlights of the day include (not in any particular order): Finding a creek to wade in at the unca bontanical gardens. Grilling delicious chicken in the pouring down rain! watching the end of friends! walking downtown and seeing street musicians, being creeped out by the mime, weirded out by the man with a goat kid on a leash and his friend carrying a big snake. Watching a girl run right into a tree while walking in front of us, Seeing a mobile bar that rides around downtown every seat has it’s own peddles and it’s a big table it plays loud music and would be fun for a bridal shower also going to get salted caramel whits custard today was great! good day for the tastebuds 😛 Tomorrow Wedding! and Farmers Market!

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