memory lane in America; What makes america the land of the free and the home of the brave

This Day, June 26th 2015. Will go down in history. It will be written in history books. (how often are history books rewritten?) It will be recorded as the day where americans have discovered freedom. Freedom of equality. Our country has come a long way and allow me to take a trip down memory lane of the freedoms that through blood, sweat and tears people have fought and won for our country. I can’t promise that these will be chronologically accurate but they are in my mind iconic to our country. So lets start walking…

The first freedom I’d like to talk about is racial freedom attained by the civil war. The result is where the black man was no longer a slave to his master but free to make a living, raise a family and live life free as an american. It took awhile for people to accept the end of slavery. Accepted by americans and in some instances by black slaves too. But eventually our country sees all races in this country and gives them all the freedom granted to it’s american citizens. All men whether black or white, slave or free have the same needs: to be known, loved, validated and accepted. 

Next freedom is the freedom of religion. Which involves allowing men to worship freely the god of their choosing without persecution, judgement or hate. Every person Budist, christian, athiest, muslim, all have an intrinsic needs: to believe in something bigger than themselves, to be loved, validated and accepted for what they believe. 

Next the freedom of Choice. this comes in two components. Multiracial couples and marriages are becoming more widely accepted which I think is a good thing. You shouldn’t have to conform to what society or your family thinks is right. I have friends who have married someone of a different race. Why is it more acceptable to participate in international adoption but not have multiracial couples? seems like a contradiction to me but w/e.

The other choice is the issue of abortion/adoption. There are two different arguments and both are right. If you examine each of the sides they are both right. The two sides being a women has a right to her own body and ultimately a choice if she wants this to affect her life or if she wants to abort. she ultimately wants to feel like she has control, to be loved, to be heard and to be accepted and not condemned for her decision.  The other side being at what point does a mass of tissue can qualify as a baby human? If the beginning is conception then any stage of life it should be considered murder and all doctors who perform abortions should be charged with murder. That might sound harsh but honestly if you believe in partial birth abortion or even full term abortion then define when that distinction is. With all the other issues there is two sides and they are both lobbying for their side but a baby invetro has no means of defending or standing up for themselves. Doesn’t this infant have a right to be cared for, loved, accepted?

After all that and I’m sure you’re like I thought you were actually going to communicate your views on the supreme court ruling that happened on Friday? So how does it feel to be part of history? How does it feel to be part of a movement giving the right and privilege of marriage to everyone? Whether you think it’s been a long time coming or you think it’s the beginning to the end resulting in apocalypse. We should all extend grace to those who have different views than ourselves. We will never be unified in all things. But we should extend love and grace because everyone has an intrinsic need to be: loved, accepted, validated, cared for, no condemnation, to be known, to be heard and believe in something greater than ourselves. We should extend the same grace and kindness that we wish others had shown us. Let us not forget the grace and love that Christ has extended toward us all.                         –

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