When Friends come to call

The Adventure continues! I’ve had a couple people come and visit me while I’ve been here and eventhough these same people visited me in hot springs at the homestead I enjoyed their visit here so much more! I love them both but there is something about exploring new territory and having adventures that makes me enjoy their visit so much more. At the homestead there was hiking and there was the homestead. After 2 weeks or maybe 2 mths depending on your level of adventure your exploratory journey has come to an end. When people came and visited me I showed them all the hot spots but after a day there wasn’t much to do. Now that I’m in asheville there are countless things to explore from hiking (which I plan to do tomorrow stay tuned for a fun post πŸ˜‰ to restaurants, I have yet to find a bad spot (though I probably won’t go back to rise and shine lol).

Last weekend Katelyn came and visited! She was visiting her sister not too far from here so she came by. It makes me feel so special when people say they were in the neighborhood and thought theyd stop by and visit. πŸ™‚ We went downtown to eat lunch at Mellow mushroom!Β 

Super fun place. Very quirky decor and great outdoor seating they even allow you to bring your dogs and just chill. I kinda felt obligated to get something with mushrooms since it is that kind of place. I got a hoagie with a bunch of fresh tasting veg and mushrooms. Katelyn got a mushroom pizza that was the other thing I was debating about on the menu. I was torn between going to the asheville pizza and brewary which I’ve only been once and loved everything about that place or go here some place new but have heard great things about. Either would have been a good decision and i’m glad I tried something new. After lunch we walked around downtown. We found a really cool shop which the name escapes me but it had alot of clothing which was organized by size color and displayed outfit. Our initial reaction was, this is a nice store but we are just going to browse b/c it’s most likely out of our price range. They also had cool jewelry from local artists! I’ll have to go back and try to find earrings to match my necklace i’ve had for years. We both tried on a few things and unfortunately the dresses i tried looked way better on the hanger than on me 😦 but everything she tried on fit her and her personality perfectly and it turns out things were actually decently priced! Yay win win! We made our way over the the basilica when a museum caught our eyes…


It was such a cool place! there were games from 1947 up to the The present! some were just for display where as others you could actually put in money and play! They even had one that you could just play for free for the fun of it. Some of them were also available for purchase. I also learned something that day, that during the 1940s pinball was illegal and the museum has ones from 1947. The reason it was illegal was schools believed that these games were a form of gambling for children. That the games were taking children’s lunch money. So that was super cool.

Next we went to the st. peter’s basilica which I had been there before but it was still cool. The stain glass art is beautiful.

Then we decided to go to the unca bontanical gardens! It was our easy hike since we had wanted to go hiking but the places I had wanted to go were too far away 😦 But the hike was nice walking around outside and she actually appreciated the plants. We saw this bird feeder platform suspended from the trees in mid air, and old school house with a quote “come along children come along” and we thought how creapy that was and this cool wigwam shelter. That night we decided we wanted to go up to the hotel and see the sunset from the terrace however it was raining and you couldn’t see it 😦 We wondered around for a bit then headed to the place I will show everyone who comes to visit!

I have ice cream, custard and frozen yogurt within two block and I havn’t been to the yogurt or ice cream place b/c I am so in love with it! It was their one year anniversary! Their flavors were birthday cake and mud pie. I got the mud pie which was espresso custard with carmel and chocolate bits. OMG it was fantastic that and buckeye have been the best so far. So that was last weekend. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!! πŸ™‚

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  1. Can’t wait to visit you again! Can we go to that pinball museum?! πŸ™‚

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