Dream big!

It was that moment that I realized I made the right decision. Even though all along my friends and family questioned my decisions in the past. It all started my sophmore year in college. I met 5 girls in my dorm building. We were inseparable we had different majors but it didn’t matter we spent every moment we could studying, laughing, and havinhg fun. We were there for eachother for the day when we aced our exams and when we were nervous going on first dates. Jill decided to join It Works. She’d tried a wrap at her aunt’s wrap party.

wrap girl 7

She’d seen how the business had changed her aunt’s life giving her freedom both financially and socially. So she jumped in and naturally she wanted her best friends to join with her! She got 4 loyal customers on autoship who were exercise science majors at her school within the first week. 

She sold her individual wraps from her business kit and her wrap rewards (12 wraps at $25 apiece) to women in her sorority. After getting her fast start and her product credit her friends saw how she worked her business during class and at the cafeteria it really wasn’t a time sacrifice b/c she was already doing those things it was just adding another topic of conversation. They started thinking about their job…

Jill wasn’t even working a part time job and she was beginning to make more money than they were working 25hrs a week restocking books at the book store. They started asking themselves What if this was for real? What if I could make real money while in college? What’s the worst that could happen?

So Shelly and jane joined jill in her it works adventure. They did everything together why not this too? So Jill Had shelly, jane and her mom join as distributors Shelly also got 2 girls in her sorority to join as distributors.

and boom within 2 months jill had a ruby status in the company along with a $500 bonus, shelly had executive and 2 $100 bonus’ for helping her sorority sisters get fast start qualified in the first month! After seeing all the fun, new friends she met and freedom she was having jill started seriously thinking maybe going to law school wasn’t a good choice. That wasn’t her passion it was her dad’s passion.He was always debating things. Although she enjoyed debating she wanted to work for non profits who deal with women who have been through an abortion. Through it works she was able to do both while making a salary higher than she would have as a lawyer.

She gets to follow her passion and her dreams.

There are stories like jill’s and many other stories from distributors who have stayed with their business and done really well. For others it takes time. But if you talk about your business and believe in the products you will succeed! This business has afforded parents of special needs children to work from home and take care of them. Single parents who can’t pay for daycare but can’t afford to be home with their kids. College students like jill in the story pay for college and make their dream a reality.

A little about our company. We are a debt free company which means we can afford to pay our distributors crazy bonuses! What company doesn’t make you stay with them for a year before deciding to give you a bonus? They are taking the top earners and fastest team builders on a cruise. 1,500 to leaders in the company all on a cruise.

If this at all resonates within your soul. Wanting to live in freedom. Then contact me! http://brewrapped.myitworks.com/crazywrap/Wrapreneur/ 

Check out my products and ask questions. Even if you think it’s not for you right now there’s no harm in asking about it!


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